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BWL Strength and Power Series Featured


Strength and Power Series

Strength and Power Series 2014

British Weight Lifting is launching a new way for you to take part in weight lifting and compete for your gym!

The BWL Strength and Power Series is a national competition open to all ages, gender and abilities and you can take part in 4 simple steps…

1) BWL release the lift or exercise

2) Do the exercise

3) Submit your results using the online form

4) After the closing date, BWL will publish national rankings!

It’s as easy as that! (Ok we lied, step 2 might not be ‘easy’ but you know what we mean!)

Every 2 months we will launch a new strength and power exercise and all you have to do is click on the online entry form, give us some vital info (including your body weight at the time of the lift) and record your results for that exercise.

The exercises will vary over the course of the year to incorporate a variety of strength and power activities so no matter where your qualities lie you will have an opportunity to show us what you’ve got!

We’re keen to see you show off so there’s also a place on the entry form where you can paste a link to video footage you may have of your exercise!

Following the deadline for each lift we will publish the national rankings in the BWL Newsletter which you will receive via email and on the BWL website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. We will break the overall results down by gender, body weight and disability. We will also publish specific rankings for schools, universities and sports so you can compare your results with those of others in a similar population! The final categories will be dependent on the number of entries.

The competition is based on HONESTY! So no porkies please! For all lifts we advise that you have spotters (see the entry form for more safety details) so why not rope a few friends in and compete against each other!

You can compete in one or all of the exercises but if you compete in all the exercises you could have a chance of becoming the BWL Strength and Power Series Champion of 2014!


If you want some promotional posters for your gym please email

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ALWAYS carry out a thorough warm up before beginning your exercise and build up to your maximal weight gradually.

Safety Guidance

Safety guidance will always be issued so please follow the guidelines carefully and accurately.

For videos, updates and general strength and power chit-chat, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

We’re looking forward to receiving your results!

Lift 1 – 1 Rep Max Bench Press - Results

Lift 2 – 1 Rep Max Back Squat