British Weight Lifting

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Records Smashed at Empire Open

The Empire team held another competition on the 9th of July with the help of Steve Cannon which was again a great success.



It was another fantastic display of Olympic Weightlifting with lifters ranging from 10 to 69 years of age.


The first group were the Masters and the best lifter was Mark Beck from Manchester who just pushed Graham Skinner into second place on the sinclair points.

There was a close battle in the Under 13s with Kian Panjavi and Carter Anslow both lifting personal bests with immaculate technique which is what everyone want's to see from lifters of this age.

There were eight in the girls group next and again Trisha Forbes travelled all the way from Jersey to compete showing how dedicated she is to our sport.

The best youth was Ellie Needham from Empire; Shila Panjavi was the best junior with Anna- Maria Ronqvist as the best Senior.

In the Schools group everyone was waiting to see Ryan Baugh who was going to attempt the under 14's records and he lifted superbly narrowly missing the Snatch Record but breaking the Clean and Jerk and Total with five out of six successful lifts and a massive 240 sinclair points.

The next group saw records smashed from a number of lifters, Jake Davies in the 94kg class jumped to a British U17's Record Snatch of 111kg after missing 109kg and proved everyone wrong and fixed it over head with gutts and determination. Then Empire's Sonny Webster who only weighed just over 85KG started with a new record Snatch in the Un 17's and once again ran through six out of six with ease finishing with 120kg in the Snatch and 150kg in the Jerk with a personal best of 270 total and the best overall lifter of the day securing 9 records.

Other records were broken by Darius Jokarzadeh who has improved massively. He Snatched 130kg Jerked 155 for a total of 285kg in the 105+ class.

There were nearly 60 lifters once again, far too many to mention, at one stage over 100 spectators. Well done to all who took part and supported this fantastic competition.