British Weight Lifting

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Declaration of Interests

  • 1. Members of the Executive Board the Governing Council, and Divisional Councils and decision-making committees are required to declare to the Executive Board, the Governing Council, the Divisional Council or a decision-making committee as the case may be and thereafter complete a register of their interests, financial or otherwise, which are or are likely, or would if publicly known be perceived as being likely, to interfere with the member’s independent judgement.


  • 2. A conflict of interest or an interest in any transaction or arrangement should be declared where a fair minded person knowing all the relevant facts might reasonably consider that the independence of the member might be compromised.  A conflict of interest will not automatically arise because a member represents or is elected by a body that is in dispute with the body of which he is a member or that is affected (whether for good or bad) by the outcome of such decision.


  • 3. It shall be for the member concerned to decide what to declare, bearing in mind the description above. In deciding what to declare members should consider the following possible headings:

(a) Paid or self employment, directorships, significant share-holdings, trusteeships, elected office, public appointments, business interests or partnerships, consultancies;

(b) Relationship to officers, coaches or lifters;

(c) Membership of or interests in other sporting or lifting bodies or suppliers of sporting or lifting equipment or suppliers to BWL;

(d) Gifts or hospitality offered by outside bodies arising from the member’s position in BWL;

  • 4. Where the spouse, partner, parent, child or remoter issue of a member has an interest which, if held by the member would need to be declared, the member should declare such interest unless they are satisfied that this is a case where a fair minded person knowing all the relevant facts might reasonably consider that the independence of the member would not be compromised.


  • 5. Representing a Division or group within the sport who are interested in or affected by proposals under discussion shall not of itself be regarded as an interest that has to be declared.


  • 6. The Secretary shall keep a Register of Interests.  It is the responsibility of members to ensure that the Register fully records all matters that in accordance with these rules are required to be recorded.  Each year the Secretary shall invite all members to verify and if necessary update their entry in the register. Entries shall be in writing and signed and dated by the member concerned. The Register shall upon reasonable notice be open to inspection during normal working hours by any BWL Member.


  • 7. Having any such interests does not disqualify the member from being a Council, Board or Committee member.


  • 8. If an item arises in which the member’s interest may or may be perceived to cause a conflict or to interfere with the member’s independent judgement, he should declare to the meeting that he has an interest and not take part in discussion or vote on the item, though he may still be counted in a quorum, and this should be shown in the Minute. He may choose to withdraw from the meeting for the item, or may be required by the meeting to do so.


  • 9. If at any time anyone has reason to believe that an interest of a member which should have been declared or entered in the Register has not, this should be immediately brought to the attention of the chairman who will raise it with the member concerned. If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, it should at the next opportunity be brought to the attention of the Executive Board who may take such steps as they consider appropriate.