British Weight Lifting

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Ali Jawad

Personal Info:

Name: Ali Jawad

Date of Birth: 12/01/1989

Place of Birth: Lebanon

Weight Category: 60kg

Club: Stratford WLC

Coach: Tom Whittaker

On The Platform:

Greatest Achievement: "Getting selected to represent Great Britain in the 2008 Paralympic Games. Also achieving the title of World Junior Chamion in 2008."

Aspirations?: "To be the best I can possibly be."

Training Regime: "3 times a week for 2-3 hours each session."

Who has been the greatest influence on you? "Lee Warne."

When did you begin lifting? "When I was 16."

Why did you begin lifting? "Enjoyment and discipline."

Off The Platform:

Occupation: "Student."

Ultimate relaxation? "Going to the cinema or reading a sport auto-biography."

One thing you can't live without? "Food."

Tip for the top? "Never give up without a fight!"

Life after lifting? "Coaching / S&C Coach / PT."

Describe yourself in 3 words... "Confident, dedicated, honest."


Sports team: "Liverpool FC."

Films: "Any of the Rocky films."

Band/Music: "Anything that gets me fired up."

Food: "Kebab, choclate cake or anything chocolaty."

Drink: "Coke."

What's the last book you read? "Lance Armstrong - It's not all about the bike."

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