British Weight Lifting

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Weightlifters' Supporters Fund

A former secretary of BWL, Wally Holland OBE, created a substantial fund. After his retirement and the onset of blindness, plus the resignation of his ageing fellow trustees he decided to give up day to day control and appointed new trustees whilst formally and legally setting up the fund as a registered charity. The current trustees are Brian Hamill, secretary; Neil Binder, chairman and Caroline Charles.

The fund is increased by safe investments, sales of weightlifting equipment and its Bulletin which covers coaching information, sport politics and any matters of interest to the weightlifting community. The capital is preserved but the annual income is available to weightlifters and clubs in two ways:

a) to help fund projects that will increase the participation of youth up to the age of 18. For a copy of the WLSF Grant Application Form click HERE.

b) to reward youth lifters, up to 18, for PBs put up in international competitions. For a copy of the PB Grant Application Form click HERE.

In addition the Fund supports the Postal,Clean & Jerk contest which attracts about 1100 young boys and girls every year.

Note that for assistance with projects no club nor individual who is not a contributor to the Bulletin will be considered. This does not apply to b) above: any such PB is eligible for the bonus!

The Fund gives away approximately £10,000 per year.

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