British Weight Lifting

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BWL Strength and Power Series Featured

Strength and Power Series 2014

The British Weight Lifting Strength and Power Series is an exciting, free-to-enter, national competition that you can compete in from your local gym!

The Strength and Power Series has 10 stages and runs from September - July, with each stage lasting one calendar month.  Each stage is a unique exercise to test your strength and power!

At the end of each stage, results from across the UK are collected and ranked to give a Stage Winner.  Points are available in each stage for the top ranking competitors, at the end of the Series the competitors with the most points are crowned Series Champions!

Don't worry! We do separate results grouped by age, gender and disability, and most of the exercises are scored by the ratio of weight lifted against your bodyweight.  This means that the smaller people can compete fairly against the bigger people!

There are four easy steps to taking part:

1 - Find out what the current exercise is on the BWL wesbite

2 - Go to your gym and do the exercise

3 - Record your result on the BWL online entry form

4 - Look out for the results, you could be a national champion!

It's really that easy! (Ok, the step 2 might not be that 'easy' but you know what we mean!)

Safety Guidance

Safety guidance will be provided for each exercise.  Please follow all safety advice to prevent injuries.

Warm up thoroughly before attempting any exercise.

Lift 1 – 1 Rep Max Bench Press - Results

Lift 2 – 1 Rep Max Back Squat - Results

Lift 3 - 1 Rep Max Two Hand Press - Results

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